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The Way to Justice is a non-profit community law firm led and created by women of color. Through direct representation, impact litigation, policy reform, and advocacy work, we address the barriers facing individuals who have been negatively impacted by our justice system.


1. EXPERIENCED LEGAL ASSISTANT, Salary: $50,000 /yr with benefits

The Way to Justice is seeking a full-time, experienced legal assistant to support staff and attorneys that provide advocacy and representation to  justice-involved individuals and their families in Washington State.

Duties include: Management and organization of client files; case tracking, time-keeping, and adding documents and/or records through Legal Server; communicating with clients, legal professionals, clerks, courts, and other organizations; completing client intakes; supporting other staff members with legal documents, records requests, and drafting of pleadings; developing and nurturing relationships within the legal profession as well as with "by and for" organizations that serve our client populations; support legal clinics; draft correspondence; answer phones and return calls; file motions and set cases for hearing; support the work of The Way to Justice and our partners, interns and externs, volunteer lawyers, private attorneys, other civil legal aid providers, and organizations addressing the legal needs of justice-impacted individuals and their families.

2. 2-year CONTRACTED POST-CONVICTION RELIEF ATTORNEY,  $95,000/ yr with benefits

The Way to Justice is hiring a staff attorney to assist with post-conviction relief through our programs, including State v. Blake record vacating. 

The staff attorney will undertake a range of duties including but not limited to:

  1. Provide legal advice, education, consultation, assistance to pro se individuals, and representation for qualifying clients.

  2. Attend and participate in workgroup meetings, including meetings with members of the Advisory Board.

  3. Collaborate with and refer clients to partner organizations as appropriate.

  4. File and/or submit appropriate petitions/motions/documents for post-conviction and Blake relief with courts of original jurisdiction, including Pierce, King, Snohomish, Yakima, Clark, Spokane, and outlying areas in Washington State.

  5. Seek appropriate relief for DOC clients and file motions for resentencing if necessary.

  6. Maintain client files, reliable timekeeping and expense records via Legal Server for data collection and grant reporting.

  7. Develop and nurture relationships with “by and for” organizations that serve populations that may be affected by Blake.

  8. Participate in legal clinics, including “Justice Night," 'Sandy Williams Justice Center Clinics," and “Justice Week.”

  9. Engage with client communities and conduct legal education events for client groups, social and human services providers, and other stakeholders.

10. Support the work of The Way to Justice and our partners, interns and externs, volunteer lawyers, private attorneys, other legal aid providers, and organizations addressing the legal needs of justice-impacted individuals and their families.



List of Qualifications:

Washington State Bar Association membership in good standing is required for the Staff Attorney Position.  

Applicants for both positions should have at least 3 years of hands-on work experience in Washington courts and knowledge and proficiency of Washington State Law as it pertains to post-conviction relief.

Applicants must be willing to travel to jurisdictions across the State of Washington for motions and other hearings as necessary.

Qualified applicants are committed to advancing racial equity and possess some experience with incorporating racial equity principles into advocacy and leadership.

Applicants should display good judgment, the ability to handle stress, and the initiative, and willingness to work as a team.

Qualified applicants have strong oral and written communication skills, and the ability to demonstrate exceptional relevant work experience as well as a commitment to serving low-income persons and communities of color. 

Qualified applicants are willing and able to engage with the communities to be served with grace and respect. 


Language proficiency in a language spoken by our client communities, especially Spanish, is a plus.


To Apply: Submit a letter of interest and current resume to:

Application Deadlines: until filled


The Way to Justice values all employees and candidates for employment, and we are committed to a policy of equal opportunity that fosters an environment free of barriers and discriminatory practices. The Way to Justice follows the spirit and intent of federal, state and local employment laws and the Board of Directors, CEO and Legal Director of The Way to Justice will not discriminate against any employee or applicant in a manner that violates the law. The Way to Justice will provide equal employment and advancement opportunities to persons without regard to stereotypes or assumptions about the abilities, traits or performance of individuals by age, gender, gender identity, sex, sexual orientation, religion, race, ethnic group, political ideology, veteran or military status, marital status, pregnancy, families with children, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical abnormality or disability, or any other legally protected class while reinforcing its commitment to basic fairness. People of color, those with lived experiences, people who identify as transgender, lesbian, gay, or bisexual, and those with disabilities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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